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Flux 2015 explores the radical shifts, trends, ideas and people that are shaping the future of business. 

You will leave with new perspectives, insights, knowledge and ideas for your business, brand and career. And hopefully with a stack of interesting business cards.

The main topics and speakers are described below.

The Future Laboratory

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Trend briefing: The Age of the Long Near (2h:15 mins)

Forget short thinking, increased seasonality and planned obsolescence, even five-year plans that are designed to drive brand value and retail buy-in. Instead, join the world of long-form thinking, 100-year plans and 1,000-year thinking. Here we look at the implications for brands, businesses, retailers and consumers.

The Future Laboratory is one of the world’s most renowned futures consultancies. With a unique blend of trend forecasting, consumer insight, brand strategy and innovation, The Future Laboratory inspires and future-proofs organisations.


Marty Neumeier

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Metaskills: Five talents for the robotic age

As the Industrial Age is grinds to a halt, the “Robotic Age” is picking up speed. In the next few decades we’ll see the acceleration of man-machine collaboration, with computers becoming more human and humans becoming more creative. Where will that leave you? Today’s industries no longer need their workers to be robots. They have robots.

In this fascinating talk, author Marty Neumeier will take you through the skills you’ll need to swim against the tides of extreme change. By the end you’ll have a clear view of how your special talents can matter in a time of exciting new possibilities.