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In a world of hyper-competition and non-stop change, business has become complex, unpredictable and turbulent. No company is safe from disruption. Yet, there are more opportunities available to anyone than ever before.

Flux is a conference about the big shifts and trends, ideas, people and companies that are shaping the future of business. Flux will help you make sense of the changing world, to give you actionable insights, perspectives and ideas to create a better future, for your company, brand and yourself.

Whether you work in marketing, product and service development, business development, innovation or management, Flux is for you.

Flux 2015 Program

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The Flux Conference 2015 is an event for future-thinking individuals and businesses who want to create positive change for their business, and their own lives.

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We will be adding speakers and content to the event, so stay tuned!

“There's a new world struggling to be born. It's a world of greater creativity, higher purpose, and deeper fulfillment” Marty Neumeier
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